Making films is yet another means of expression to reflect upon their perception of this world. Being a total communications company means having best-in-class offerings in every discipline to deliver complete, competitive media neutral communications solutions for our clients.

NOKSHA, a total communications company committed to create and strike brand value for our clients. Our vision is to expedite the budding of our client desire through great and innovative ideas.

NOKSHA Studio™ is an initiative as a Film Production House especially designed and dedicated for the Indie-Filmmakers nearly from Chittagong. It’s a wonderful creative den fits the needs of filmmakers who work in the field of creativity and innovation within limited budget and accommodations.

We have projector with screens, sound systems, lights, cameras and many things to rent. Feel free to knock us rent them to enhance the quality of your function.

Our Studio

Would the fall never come to an end! I wonder how many miles get in touch.

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